Sold 6ft x 2ft6in Trestle Table 18mm Top - Wrexham, North Wales


6ft x 2ft 6in wooden banquet tables and this particular version has an 18mm top. If a table of this size is ideal for the kind of venue you are hoping to populate, then you may also be interested in the model that has a 15mm thick table top. These wooden, folding tables are always popular at Ningbo as they can be used for so many different kinds of events and functions.

Whether you are having a church meal at the adjacent church hall, preparing for a special anniversary party or even hosting a trade fair or indoor village fete at the village hall, these particular tables always prove useful. They can be set up at your venue and folded away at the end of your event with the minimum of fuss, being both relatively light, yet strong enough for the task in question.

With a range of chairs also available through Ningbo Furniture, you could completely kit out your whole venue in one go. Please contact us for more information.

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