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£12.99 +VAT

Trestle Table Extension Legs
| Ref #: 70aa0e5af4b0
Fiesta Furniture Sale
18mm Plywood, Bull nosed edge
American fold up legs
Strengthening battens
3 coats high gloss protective lacquer

£39.50 +VAT

Wooden Trestle Table 1200mm x 750mm
| Ref #: 68af882fb1d4
Fiesta Furniture Sale
One piece top
American fold up legs
Easy to clean and transport

£42.75 +VAT

Blow Moulded Trestle Table special offer
| Ref #: 6ef4cb124386
6ft x 2ft 6 wooden trestle tables, under one year old and in excellent condition, ex hire tables so may have the odd black burn mark but nothing to affect their future use or quality.

£35 +VAT ono

Used trestle tables for sale
| Ref #: ec6657fb8be3
HFA Removals
This smart quarter trestle table is perfect for a wide range of establishments such as schools, community centres and function rooms. It features a fabric top which will complement any interior.

£25 +VAT

used quarter tables for sale
| Ref #: e2efc482afbb

Sold 30x Plastic Trestle Tables - Essex

Price: £20 +VAT
Trestle Tables
30x plastic trestle tables
Will throw in 6 that need repairing if all bought together.

£20 +VAT

Trestle Tables
| Ref #: 9ce712f28d03

40x 6' Trestle Tables - Essex

Price: £10 +VAT
Trestle tables for sale
These 6' trestle table are in good condition with general wear and tear. They have been maintained by our in-house engineer.

£10 +VAT

Trestle tables for sale
| Ref #: cb0c16f175b1

22x 4' Trestle Tables - Essex

Price: £12 +VAT
wooden trestle tables
For sale are these wooden 4' trestle tables. The condition of the tables are good. Very stable however they have scratches from general wear and tear. Maintained in-house by our furniture engineer.

£12 +VAT

wooden trestle tables
| Ref #: 150de6d63b00
Table Bundle
Order 20 x tables and get free delivery
6ft x 2ft 6in 18mm tops

£38.30 +VAT

Trestle tables for sale
| Ref #: 39dc6edb16ca
• 19.5mm exterior grade one piece plywood top
• Industrial strength leg locking mechanism
• Black powder coated steel frame with American style folding wishbone legs
• 6 coats clear polyurethane varnish: prevents moisture damage
• 2 extra wide wooden stacking battens for additional strength
• Heavy duty black PVC rubber edging, tongue and grooved in place
• Bolt through construction for maximum loading capacity and strength

£100 +VAT

Used trestle tables for sale
| Ref #: c6c6ba5ec085
We have a large quantity of furniture items available for sale after just 2 – 4 weeks of use in the Rio Olympics!
Product Specification:
- 4ft x 2ft (122cm x 61cm). Table height 74cm
- 100% Virgin HDPE. Blow Moulded
- White Top. Grey powder coated frame

£12.99 +VAT

4ft Ex hire table for sale
| Ref #: cd31032cf21d

£15 +VAT

2ft 6in x 2ft 6in Table
| Ref #: 3336d0af6aae
We have a large quantity of furniture items available for sale after just 2 – 4 weeks of use in the Rio Olympics!
Now in stock in UK, ready for quick despatch/collection.
Not your average trestle table! Cost £49.50+VAT when new! Made by a world leading manufacturer.
VERY well built, commercial quality tables. Built to last.

£21.99 +VAT

White blow moulded trestle tables for sale
| Ref #: 03e5b2a5dba5
These tables and benches are made from recycled timber and have an authentic rustic appearance.
They are specifically designed to utilise a minimum of storage space. The trestles are fold-able and are separate to the table top. The legs of the benches can be folded for easy storage.
Variations to these sizes can be ordered.
All furniture is made to order and as such there is no limit to order amount.
Large orders may be subject to discount (contact for details).
Table & 2 Trestles £220 Bench £110

£110 ono including VAT

Plank top trestle tables
| Ref #: 6834a9743061

Trestle Tables - Ashford, Kent

Price: £16 +VAT
Wooden trestle tables for sale
Wooden trestle tables
60 + ply (v good quality) £27.00 each
30 + rubber edge (odd one has the rubber coming off in places) £22.00 each
70 + tongue & groove (some could do with a sand down and re varnish) £20.00 each

£16 +VAT

Wooden trestle tables for sale
| Ref #: af56c2298c4b
6+2.6ft catering trestle tables brand name Ramler, high quality folding leg mechanism
and a none slip surface

£45 +VAT

Used catering trestle tables
| Ref #: 3db015b06785

Sold 20x 6ft Trestle Table - London

Price: £7 +VAT
6ft Trestle Table
- Second hand 6ft wooden trestle tables
- Legs fold
- Height: 734 mm / 28.9 inches
- Width: 1828 mm / 72 inches
- Depth: 734 mm / 28.9 inches
- Various condition
- Ex hire stock

£7 +VAT

6ft Trestle Table
| Ref #: 44a5e5a3d57d

Banqueting Trestle Tables - Leicester

Price: £10 ono VAT Free
Trestle tables for sale
For sale, we have over 50x banqueting tables
They are old stock and part of a clearance we are doing.
We are looking for £10 a table.

£10 ono VAT Free

Trestle tables for sale
| Ref #: 6597b9bc9c65

1x Banquet Table - London

Price: £25 +VAT
Banquet table for sale
1x Banquet table

£25 +VAT

Banquet table for sale
| Ref #: 0d82128b0692
2x banquets folding tables

£29 +VAT

Folding trestle table for sale
| Ref #: 8e979d502dac
6ft by 2ft6 Wooden Trestle Table 15mm with Metal Legs and Rubber Edge
Brand New and Wrapped.

£27.50 +VAT ono

Used Trestle tables for sale
| Ref #: a630390babc5
We have 15x vintage 6ft tables and 80 old folding chairs.
Perfect for the old vintage theme- these have been hired so much this year.
Business is selling so everything is for sale

£600 VAT Free

Folding tables
| Ref #: 92530f6df9cb

20 Tresel Tables

Price: £10 VAT Free
20 Tresel Tables

£10 VAT Free

20 Tresel Tables
| Ref #: 0a75662ba482

Sold 6ft Trestle Tables - Plymouth

Price: £350 including VAT
6ft Trestle Tables - Plymouth
We are selling off our Ex hire Tables as they are being replaced
20 x 6ft Wooden Folding Trestle tables: (seats 6/8) All in OK condition and usable, with working legs, a few have de-laminated and edging staring to peel away with damage to corners. A few have had tops replaced.
Click here for more info and contact details......

£350 including VAT

6ft Trestle Tables - Plymouth
| Ref #: d0715e2e8cff
We can work with your designer to create the look you are searching for for your venue, office or home.
These are genuine reclaimed tables from pubs, restaurants, tea rooms, cafes and hotels. We can provide matching sets or mixed and matched to your requirements. Many of the tables have turned table legs with twisted details, bulbous shapes, ornate and plain. They are made out of assorted wood for example dark oak, light oak, mahogany, pine, cherry, hickory, maple, birch and walnut.
Most tables have matching vintage tops, however if you like a vintage base for a new table top this can be provided for. Quite a few customers use paint effects to form Shabby Chic furniture.
Please contact us with your requirements. We would be happy to either send you photos of our stock or arrange a visit to our showroom.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£70 +VAT

Vintage reclaimed pub tables
| Ref #: 834b9486cde1
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