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Why do brass tables always depict rams or dolphins etc why not a worm, I digress. Solid brass tables with 2 level glass plains. Legs, the ram detail with rings, handy for hankies or not. Solid as and very heavy. Going to look suitable somewhere between sofas etc.

£595 +VAT

Brass rams head table
| Ref #: 87ce1726e58b
End of line clearance
  • Chair - £24.95 each + VAT
  • Round Table - £29.90 each + VAT
  • Square Table - £34.90 each + VAT

£24.95 +VAT

End of Line Clearance Chairs and Tables
| Ref #: 59d5703ba235
6x Coffee Tables (CODE T 1351)
PLEASE quote CODE NUMBER when replying NOT ref number

£20 +VAT

Used coffee tables for sale
| Ref #: 842a4b864b2e
Nicely inlaid side-table that is a perfect foil for a lamp etc.
Central octagonal column with three splayed legs for full support.
A nice touch being the small strips of metal to stop those annoying scuffs from tiresome leg twitchers.
Ideal height besides a sofa or just to fill a corner.
One of the metal strips is missing from the base.
Dimensions Diameter 75cm Height 76cm

£85 +VAT

Circular Side-Table x 4
| Ref #: a68b6640735a
4 Dark oak coloured wooden pedestal tables
600 Diameter in very good used condition

£40 +VAT

Round restaurant cafe table
| Ref #: 988901fd45f6
Walnut coloured wood coffee/side/lamp tables in an Art Deco design
Good used condition
600 diameter and 605 high

£20 +VAT

Walnut coffee bedside table
| Ref #: e408bf4d7c10
Oaky topped black metal based pedestal tables
Two types
In good used condition, few bumps but still good
930 circ x2 @ £45 each and 700 square x11 @ £35 each

£45 +VAT

Oak tables for sale
| Ref #: 78dd6b9a18b2
The design of the table ensures that it will complement your establishment with its clean and modern table top and sturdy metal base. This sturdy table will comfortably seat two people.
Height: 755mm / 30 Inches
Width: 700mm / 28 Inches
Depth: 700mm / 28 Inches

£35 +VAT

square table cafe restaurant
| Ref #: 533ace203a91
A stylish design that can blend in well with either a modern or more traditional setting, these ex hotel glass topped round drinks tables have a stylish wood venner design.
Dimensions: Height 69cm, Diameter: 60cm

£39.95 +VAT

Round glass topped table
| Ref #: 32794404683b

10x Indian Tables - Wiltshire

Price: £50 £45 +VAT
indian table
Wooden tables to match the Indian benches
Height: 0.45m, Width: 0.45m, Depth: 0.45m
Material: Wood

£50 £45 +VAT

indian table
| Ref #: 5c02b10c8973
I turn wood and make tables. This is newly made 38 inches across. Chesnut
slice from a 70ft Tree. sitting on a mahogany frame in shape of an equilateral
triangle with 5 inch legs

£290 including VAT

Coffee table liverpool
| Ref #: 0ec0ec1c032b

6 x Glass Top Coffee Tables - Hampshire

Price: £100 ono including VAT
6 x Glass Top Coffee Tables
The clean design ensures that the coffee table works with any decor. The circular tabletop is clear glass; durable and easy to wipe clean, whilst the metalwork below is chrome plated steel. Height - 48cm / Top Diameter - 50cm / Base Diameter - 40cm.
The tables have been used for two years as part of our furniture hire stock. The tops have been well maintained but do have light scratches, similarly the bases have light scratches to the chrome finish.

£100 ono including VAT

6 x Glass Top Coffee Tables
| Ref #: 3dd5a2c7f42a
Upcycled from 1/2 of main combustion chamber of CFM56-3A Jet
H: 81cm W: 76cm D: 38cm

£1200 +VAT

Pair of Console Tables Upcycled from Aircraft Combustion Chamber
| Ref #: 29ee04a3ad8b

Tables - Cumbria

Price: £50 ono including VAT
Coffee Tables -: x 5 1.10m long, 0.60m wide, 0.45m tall
Lamp Tables x 2 50 x 50 x 45 tall
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£50 ono including VAT

| Ref #: 731e080b7e24
Elegantly shaped with a specialised green paint effect dragged by brush over the wood. Ideally sized for display purposes whether with a central placement or flush to a wall. The top has a flush glass insert inlaid within the frame. The paint effect gives a very tactile finish that just encourages you to stroke it, think that’s still legal.
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£50 +VAT

Green Console Tables x 6
| Ref #: 13e02778fc37
Really rather magnificent in their simplicity. Perfect for placing beside a chair and sipping a cocktail. Not 4 legs but 6, silver curlicues and a glass top set within the slightly raised edge. This is my attempt at being an auctioneer, do I hear a bid, well you can’t because the price is set. Gavel down.
Dimensions: Height 66cm Diameter 50cm Depth 40cm.
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£50 +VAT

Oval Occasional Tables x 3
| Ref #: 89375f0badcc
10 x Rectangular Coffee Table in Mahogany Finish
Length: 110cm. Depth: 60cm. Height: 65cm
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£25 +VAT

10 x Rectangular Coffee Table in Mahogany Finish
| Ref #: bbddde522d7e
These small round tables have a lightwood table top with a sturdy metal base which makes them perfect for a wide range of environments.
Height: 745mm / 29 Inches
Width: 600mm / 24 Inches
Depth: 600mm / 24 Inches

£20 +VAT

Small Lightwood Round Tables (Ref: RHC1877) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: 9cef0654b277
These Round wood tables feature the fair trade logo complete with sturdy dark metal bases.
Height: 765mm / 30 Inches
Width: 670mm / 26 Inches
Depth: 670mm / 26 Inches

£25 +VAT

7x Round Wood Tables (Ref: RHC1936) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: 0796ecbd7b38
These smart round tables with glass tops will look stunning in any café, coffee shop or small restaurant.
Please note: The Table tops are MDF.

£20 +VAT

Round Tables with Glass Top (Ref: RHC2162) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: 5be5efea429c
15 - Reclaimed Scaffold Board Tables - Black Cast Base - 60x60cm Walnut Colour Top
Hired out for 5 days at Ascot so new condition.
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£35 VAT Free

Reclaimed Scaffold Board Tables
| Ref #: f89b9da2762d

10x Marble Tables - East London

Price: £115 VAT Free
10x 65x65 marble top tables with iron leg

£115 VAT Free

10x 65x65 marble top tables with iron leg
| Ref #: 0736f26c89ff
1x. wooden refectory base fitted with a Verde Green Granite top in one piece - very heavy and sturdy. The table measures 220 x 60 x 77cm high for sale @ £195
2x Wooden refectory bases fitted with Verde Green Granite top in one piece measuring 120 x 60 x 77cm high @ £95 each
5x 80 x 60 x 74cm high tables with Verde Green Granite tops sitting on Black metal cruciform bases @ £75 each
2x 60 x 60 x 73cm high tables with Verde Green Granite tops sitting on black cast iron 3 keg Gothic bases @ £69 each
These tables can seat a total of 30 persons!

£60 +VAT

Green Granite Top Tables
| Ref #: 41a43741d2f5

Quality Cafe Tables And Chairs - Dorchester

Price: £1000 ono VAT Free
Quality Cafe Tables And Chairs
Cafe tables and bar stools in dark wood with red faux leather upholstery and tables of varying sizes in dark wood with metal bases.
All in good condition although some marks on some of the upholstery.
50 chairs - £15 each
6 bar stools - £15 each
27 tables - £10 each
Would ideally like to sell as a lot so would take £1000 or a sensible offer.
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£1000 ono VAT Free

Quality Cafe Tables And Chairs
| Ref #: e27e483f6068

£1200 VAT Free

Wooden bistro table
| Ref #: 1ebbdf02240a
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