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300 x brand new cream faux leather seat pads to fit the ChivarI and Cheltenham style banquet chairs

£4.99 +VAT

Brand new faux leather pad
| Ref #: 593c81002d3b
Brand new chairs, were bought for a concert for over twice the price, however were not used due to venue restrictions.
Reclining backrest to 10 positions
Shoulder strap for easy transportation
Polyester fabric, water resistant, easy to clean and very durable
Great for planning outdoor events where the customer would like to sit on the floor, also great for the beach or pool side
Provide padding and thermal insulation

£6.50 +VAT

Go anywhere seat pads
| Ref #: eed7b27d7ae3
600 Crystal Chivari Chairs.
All best quality available when purchased.
Two marginally different batches but always rented out together and never an issue.
About 4 years old and rented out no more than 10 times.
Some leatherette pads, some fabric. Approx 400/200 split. Cages and bags included for transport.
Ideally sold as one lot but may consider splitting into lots no les than 100.

£18 +VAT

Crystal Chiavari chairs
| Ref #: fccb2fd84074

Sold 300x Chair Pads - Essex

Price: £1.50 +VAT
300x Chair Pads - Essex
300x Chair Pads
Mixture of gold, blue and red

£1.50 +VAT

300x Chair Pads - Essex
| Ref #: 87fb811e50b7
HFA Removals

Sold 500x Ivory Chair Pads - Bedfordshire

Price: £1 +VAT
Used seat pads for sale
I have for sale just over 500 Ivory Faux Leather Cream Pads.
They would be ideal for recovering as some are in very good order and others have some tears at the side where they have been stacked.

£1 +VAT

Used seat pads for sale
| Ref #: 08522bcb86d2
Warehouse Clearance
55 fawn velour seat pads
New, unused and wrapped.

£3 VAT Free

fawn velour seat pads
| Ref #: f6f2c1656643

Sold Chiavari Chair Seat Pads - Windsor

Price: £2 ono including VAT
Chiavari Chair Seat Pads
Chiavari Chair Seat Pads

£2 ono including VAT

Chiavari Chair Seat Pads
| Ref #: 75002297db48
140 gold Cheltenham chairs with gold seat pad, all chairs in solid condition no wobbles or breaks, all seat pads in excellent condition as always cleaned after each event, usual front & back leg scuffs due to transport damage.
£1100 for the lot no vat to be added.

£1100 including VAT

Gold Cheltenham Chairs With Gold Seat Pads
| Ref #: 919bf4c1e88e
New to the furniture hire market a stain resistant leatherette seat pad covering.
Looks and feels like leather. Red wine, food and clothes dye transfer removable with neat bleach with no damage to the fabric.
For material swatch and seat pad re-covering prices please contact Nikki at
Click here for more info and contact details......


Stain Resistant Leatherette Seat Pad
| Ref #: 4b06dc2a1bd3
170 x Ivory Chivari seat pads.
European size pads.
Good condition require a spruce up as been in storage.
Velcro base.
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£2 +VAT

Ivory Chivari Seat Pads
| Ref #: ca7e74a75670

Sold Black Seat Pads - Gloucestershire

Price: £3 including VAT
Black Seat Pads
130 Black seat pads. Excellent condition, been out no more than 6 times, stored off the chairs and in the boxes they came with.
£ 3.00 each + VAT
Job lot at £350.00 + VAT
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£3 including VAT

Black Seat Pads
| Ref #: c5d9413a0e5a
These seat pad covers will fit most Chivari and Cheltenham Seat pads.

2 Colours available
Green x 200
Purple x 200

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£1 +VAT

Shower Cap Covers For Chivari and Cheltenham Seat pads
| Ref #: 11c17f4a4d9f

Sold 130x Gold Seat Pads - Byfleet, Surrey

Price: £1 +VAT ono
Gold Seat Pads
130 industry standard gold seat pads in variable condition.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£1 +VAT ono

Gold Seat Pads
| Ref #: c5af1bd15464

Seat Pads - Tonbridge, Kent

Price: £1.80 including VAT
Seat Pads
Seat pads for Banqueting Chair
382 - Pink
300 - Blue
164 - Green
156 - Sage Green
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£1.80 including VAT

Seat Pads
| Ref #: 3479ed19d184
15in x 1 1/2 in
Price £0.25 each or the lot for £5

£5 +VAT

200 Round Foam Pads 15in x 1 1/2 in
| Ref #: 47859da21b6f
We have for sale 1110 ivory chair pads.
They are ex hire stock but have been maintained regularly.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£3.75 +VAT

Ivory Chair Pads
| Ref #: cb36f680907d
Job Lot:
  • 140 creamy ones
  • 56 smaller ivory ones
196 in total
Sold as seen. Ex hire stock. Some blemishes/small holes
Viewing available

£196 +VAT

Cream / Ivory Seat Pads for Wooden Folding Chairs
| Ref #: 40e3c60b59d2

High Quality Seat Pads - Essex

Price: £5 £3 VAT Free
seat pads
For sale 300 gold seat pads and 80 blue seat pads. (£5 each)

As you can see by the picture they are the best quality pads you can buy.

£5 £3 VAT Free

seat pads
| Ref #: a18daa18109e
131 New Gold seat pads for wooden banquet chairs

£2 +VAT

131 New Gold seat pads
| Ref #: cf734f58b245

Seat Covers - Suffolk

Price: £1 VAT Free
Seat Covers - Suffolk
Coloured material seat cover with elastic to stretch over a seat pad:
  • 100 x Navy
  • 123 x Red
  • 57 x Burgundy

£1 VAT Free

Seat Covers - Suffolk
| Ref #: 92640b8017df
The pads will fit Chivari and Cheltenham chairs.

Very good condition.

£2.50 each plus vat

£2.50 +VAT

Black seat pads for sale
| Ref #: 2208cf953489
Chair not included only gold seat pads

Price £1.50

£1.50 VAT Free

100 Chair Pad Seat Gold
| Ref #: 1fd4e094cc0d
190 black, 240 red, 130 blue

Ex Hire, but in good nick

£2.50 £2 VAT Free

Chivari Chair pads
| Ref #: ab14931e600d

Sold 65x Round Red Seat Pads - Chester

Price: £2 +VAT
Round bistro chair seat pad
65 Second Hand Round Red Seat Pads available.

40 cms in diameter.

£2 +VAT

Round bistro chair seat pad
| Ref #: 7dd282d6e822
These are all ex-hire, but are now surplus to requirements

The pads are in velvet, and all the pads have Velcro on the base ready for use

£450 +VAT ono

150 Chiavari or Cheltenham Chair Seat Pads
| Ref #: 1429819d0b98
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