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Quality stainless steel clatronic pizza grill perfect for any small café or restaurant.
Features a 60 minute timer, temprature control and crumb tray with cool touch handles.

£45 VAT Free

Pizza grill for sale
Provide your customers with freshly cooked burgers, hot dogs and other BBQ items cooked to perfection on this light duty BBQ.

£179 VAT Free

BBQ for sale
This smart six burner oven range by popular brand falcon is the ultimate piece of equipment for your business. It features cast iron pan supports and separate controls for each of the burners. The spacious oven comes complete with two wire rack shelves and is positioned on casters for easy movement within your kitchen.

£795 VAT Free

Gas range cooker for sale
Perfect for use in small cafes and coffee shops this compact twin tank tabletop fryer by buffalo is the perfect way to fry a wide range of items your customers will love. It features two individually controlled tanks each with adjustable thermostats ensuring you have total control of the frying process. It comes complete with two wire mesh baskets.

£125 VAT Free

Electric tabletop fryer for sale
This heavy duty, stainless steel salamander has three high power gas burners and twin heat settings specifically designed to cope with constant demand in the busiest kitchens. The five shelf positions allow for maximum versatility in toasting, browning and melting. Fully complete with a removable drip tray to catch food debris this salamander has two heat zones which offers cooking flexibility and reduced energy consumption. This salamander is the perfect addition to the busiest of kitchen locations.

£750 VAT Free

Salamander grill for sale
Provide your customers with delicious meals cooked to perfection using this smart four ring boiling top by Lincat, it features fully pressed and sealed hob tops for easy cleaning and has automatic power reduction when the pan boils dry or is removed which prolongs the hotplate life. Additionally it has six-position switches control each plate and a simmerstat temperature control which makes this boiling top easy to use. It comes positioned on a stand with a shelf for additional storage within your business.

£245 VAT Free

Hob plates for sale
Speed up cooking times with this high quality 1300w microwave by Amana. It has easy to use controls and programmable features with digital display. This quality microwave will speed up cooking times for a wide range of items from soups and sauces to deserts no establishment is complete without one of this trusty piece of equipment.

£225 VAT Free

Microwave for sale
Perfect for the most demanding of food service locations this outstanding conveyor dishwasher is capable of cleaning up to 120 baskets per hour. It has a conveyor direction of right to left and comes complete with an input and an output table with rollers. This fantastic piece of equipment is the perfect addition to any establishment with a high number of covers.

£2250 VAT Free

Pass through dishwasher unit
This twin tank gas fryer has excellent response and recovery times which ensure that you are able to cope with a high demand for fried food. It can produce up to 32kg chips per hour per tank, from only 15litres of oil per tank. Individually controlled tanks enable you to use one tank in quiet periods saving you energy and oil. Alternatively the two tanks can be used to allow for separate cooking types such as meat and none meat items ensuring that you can cook both meat and none meat items at the same time without the risk of contamination or a separate fryer.

£695 VAT Free

Gas fryer for sale
This front loading large capacity washing machine features multiple water protection and fully electronic control dial for wash programmes, temperature, special programmes (stains, hand wash wool, and mixed load programme, silk) and on/off function. As well as Start, Prewash, Rinse plus, Reduced Ironing, Menu, Change functions this washing machine is perfect for small hotels and B&Bs. Additionally it has LC-display for spin speed, child lock, end time delay, buzzer, wash-intensity and automatic load adjustment system with an aqua Spa wash system.

£350 VAT Free

Bosch washing machine for sale
This attractive round display freezer is perfect for a wide range of establishments from small cafes and coffee shops to corner shops and convenience stores. It has a spacious interior and comes complete with shelving ensuring your customers have easy access to the ice creams they love. This display freezer is as new and has seen no usage and comes with the shelves in the original wrapping.

£195 VAT Free

Ben and jerry freezer for sale
Ensure your glasses are squeaky clean with this compact glass washer! It features a cycle time of only 150 seconds which will ensure you don’t run out of clean glasses for your customers to use. Additionally the glass washer has rotating wash and rinse arm with self-cleaning sprinklers and an automatically filling tank. This gravity drained glass washer will need to be positioned above the drainage level therefore an additional stand may be required.

£450 VAT Free

Glasswasher for sale
Achieve outstanding cooking results with this smart Cobra six burner oven range. It features cast iron burners and vitreous enamel pot stands with 6 x 5.5kW open burners and manual pilot ignition. It also has variable high to low controls and a static oven with 4 position racking and two shelves. The oven has welded vitreous enamelled oven liner and side hinged doors. Finished in stainless steel this top quality oven range has adjustable front feet with casters at the rear for easy movement and positioning within your busy establishment.

£695 VAT Free

Gas range cooker for sale
Keep your plates toasty warm with this thermostatically controlled hot plate machine, which is capable of retaining heat for long periods of time with no need to reheat.
Features 12 hot plates
Brand: Buffalo
Power: Single Phase


Buffalo Hot Plate Machine
Tempt your customers to a wide range of sweet treats chilled to perfection with this chilled patisserie counter. It features fan assisted cooling, timed off cycle defrost and double glazed glass to reduce running costs. Fully complete with three glass shelves with each tier having LED lighting to showcase your produce to the highest of standards.
This counter is perfect for establishments such as coffee shops and patisseries as it is easily accessible from the rear thanks to the sliding glass doors which allows you to quickly replace stock. Additionally this counter has interior lighting and an anti-mist front glass and is fitted with adjustable feet ensuring it will fit perfectly within your business.

£995 VAT Free

Patisserie counter for sale
Provide your customers with delicious hot foods served from this smart hot cupboard and Bain Marie. It has a large interior which is perfect for keeping gastronome containers of food at the perfect serving temperature it also comes complete three 1/1 GN containers enabling you to serve to your customers directly.

£595 VAT Free

Hot cupboard for sale
Buffalo stainless steel countertop electric grill features a simple controls and powerful quartz elements for rapid heat up. Comes complete with a grill rack.

£79 VAT Free

Salamander grill fir sale
This under counter dishwashing machine has an in-built drain pump, fresh water rinse booster pump, dishwasher detergent and rinse aid pumps to ensure your dishes and glasses are perfectly clean. It has robust upper and lower rotating stainless steel wash and rinse arms, that deliver a powerful cross-jet action which eliminates even the toughest residues, guaranteeing outstanding dishwashing hygiene for every 2-3 minute cycle.
The rinse control device keeps water at a constant temperature of 85°C throughout the rinse cycle, making it perfect for all types of food service locations. With a clearance of 340 mm the unit can wash all types of plates, cups, cutlery and serving dishes. The self-cleaning tank with micro filtration system ensures excellent dishwashing results.

£850 VAT Free

Front loading dishwasher for sale
This Sharp Microwave is ideal for smaller restaurants, pubs and hotels where the ability to consistently cook, reheat and defrost on demand is a necessity. The durable stainless steel microwave features touch controls with 20 presets, 11 variable cooking controls and 20 memory settings.

£250 VAT Free

Used microwave cooker for sale
Ensure your plates dishes and glasses are squeaky clean with this top quality under counter dishwasher by Hobart. It features cycle times of 3, 4 or 5 minutes, a 500x500mm basket and comes complete with pump drain which allows you to position it anywhere within your establishment without the need of an additional stand.

£995 VAT Free

Dishwasher for sale
Cook faster and save power with the energy efficient Eikon e3 oven by Merrychef! The superb oven is ideal for crispy, tempting baguettes, croissants, snacks and toasted sandwiches. With its particularly compact design, up to 6x faster preparation times and its three different cooking levels makes it the ideal solution for power saving yet fast cooking and baking.
It features a quick pre-heat time of just 15 minutes, USB memory stick data transfer of up to 1024 cooking programs and microwave combination mode which reduces cooking times by up to 6 times. The oven comes with a turntable which maximises heat distribution for ultimate cooking & browning results and it includes 2x round trays & 2x square trays. Also, the ventless operation allows you to use this smart oven in any environment with ease.
Please note: This oven is in immaculate and outstanding condition and has seen very little use if any.
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Merrychef Oven (Ref: RHC1857) - Warrington, Cheshire
Ensure your bat is fully stocked with this smart double bottle cooler. It is finished in black to blend in with the rest of your back bar. It comes fully complete with a single shelf and base protectors at the bottom of the cooler. This is the perfect way to showcase and serve your chilled drinks.

£210 VAT Free

Bottle cooler for sale
This smart table top stainless steel fryer is perfect for establishments where space is at a premium. The fryer has thermostatic control for perfect results and a safety cut-out thermostat when oil reaches 230°C. The dishwasher friendly wire rack baskets with foldable handles ensure this machine is easy to clean and maintain.

£110 VAT Free

Electric fryer for sale
Perfect for the fast and efficient preparation of pizzas, salads, sandwiches etc. this three door prep fridge with lid is ideal for your business. It is capable of fitting nine 1/3 gastronome containers in the saladette on top with additional storage space within the three doors below each containing one shelf providing you with all the storage space for fresh ingredients your business requires.

£695 VAT Free

Prep fridge for sale
A stylish wooden draw leaf table with rounded edges the legs are made to very high standard with fine detail. This table which is in excellent condition wouldn’t look out of place in the finest bars and bistros.

Please Note: Excellent condition
Height: 750mm / 30 Inches
Width: 910mm / 36 Inches
Depth: 910mm / 36 Inches
Open Sides Width: 1520mm

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Square Draw Leaf Table
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