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1000x Black Linen Napkins - Harlow, Essex

Price: £1 £0.80 VAT Free
Black linen napkins
Black linen napkins
1000 some are brand new

£1 £0.80 VAT Free

Black linen napkins
| Quantity: 1000
Approximately 1000 second hand linen table cloths of varying sizes ranging from 36x36 - 70x108. Some napkins and about 70 ivory seat covers. Most are white or ivory but there are a variety of colours in the smaller sized cloths. There are both polyester and cotton cloths of varying quality, most of which are perfectly serviceable and some barely used. An ideal purchase for anyone in the linen hire, marquee hire or events business.

£750 +VAT

Linen table clothes for sale

Sold Tablecloths - Ascot, Berkshire

Price: £600 VAT Free
Pink Tablecloths
Visa Polyester Tablecloths Satin Stripe
Pink 70”x144”Rectangle
91 £4-00 Each
Pink 138” Diameter 103 £5-00 Each
Pink 120” Diameter
6 £5-00 Each
Pink 108”x70” Rectangle
60 £3-00 Each
Pink 70”x70” Square
57 £2-00 Each
Pink Napkins
80 £0-40 Each
Purple 70”x144” Rectangle
83 £4-00 Each
Purple 138” Diameter
13 £5-00 Each
Sage Green 70”x144”
55 £4-00 Each
Sage Green 108”x70” 
28 £3-00 Each

All cloths ready to use, laundered and pressed.

£600 VAT Free

Pink Tablecloths
| Quantity: 600
150 bows of each colour available
Red, Gold or Silver
Brand new, never been used, still in original packaging!

£95 +VAT ono

Red Silk bows
| Quantity: 150
HFA Removals
Round Table Mirror Top Custom Made
An absolutely stunning option for a truly unique dining experience. Mirrored tables make for a very impressive and stylish dining area within any venue. Please see 'Dimensions' tab for available table sizes.

£40 ono VAT Free

Dining tables for sale
| Quantity: 14
Signature Plus polycotton linen in Burgundy.
  • 54" x 54" x 10 at £3 each
  • 70" x 70" square x 5 at £3 each
  • 90" x 90" square x 10 at £5 each
  • 130" round x 24 at £8 each
We can consider selling individual items - please enquire

£3 +VAT ono

Burgundy Linen / Tablecloths - London SE26
Signature Plus polycotton linen in Red.
  • 7x 130" round red cloths - £8 each
  • 23x 90" x 90" square red cloths - £5 each
  • 14x 70"x 70" square red cloths - £3 each
We will consider selling individual items-please enquire

£3 +VAT ono

Red Linen / Tablecloths - London SE26
Visa polycotton napkins in Black Rose pattern

£0.40 +VAT ono

Black Rose Pattern Napkins - London SE26
| Quantity: 184
Used but in good condition. acrylic mirrored table tops.
Looking to sell all to single buyer.

£80 +VAT ono

MIrror table top for sale
| Quantity: 16
6 x Light blueIvy leaf patternBRAND NEW - Table Overlays – 70” x 70”
Rose pattern22” x 22”
50 x Ivory Napkinsplain22” X 22”
80 X Ivory Napkinsplain with inner square pattern21” x 21”
40 x White NapkinsIvy leaf pattern21” x 21”
50 x Lilac NapkinsRose pattern21” x 21”
And many more to choose from see full listing for complete list.

£20 VAT Free

Linen No VAT! - Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
Various Polycotton Linen £400.00 (All purchased brand new and no older than 3 years)
120 x 70x144 white
20 x 54x90 white
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£400 including VAT

Various Polycotton Linen Table Cloths
| Quantity: 140
All laundered and pressed, made from high quality fabric these napkins and table cloths have an elegant floral patterned design.

£2 +VAT

53cm x 53cm Napkins
| Quantity: 164
White or Ivory Tablecloths for sale, we have extra in our stock so we want to sell them. Also some other colours please call for more information
They have been used but only a few times. Most of them 100% cotton and some 50 cotton 50 poly.
Tablecloths 4x 54x54 inch, 4x 70x70 inch, 4x 70x108 inch, 4x 70x144 inch, 4x 90 round inch, 4x 120 round inch 4x130 round inch , 4x 90x90 inch

Please click to see full listing and individual prices

£360 ono VAT Free

Napkins and Tablecloths
A large amount of this stock is still in its original clear plastic wrapping.
  • Table Toppers (70 x 70) @ £3.00 each
  • Table Runners @ £2.00 each
  • Napkins @ 50 pence each
  • Favour Bags @ 30 pence each
£2000 job lot. If bought in a stock lot, free delivery of the boxes within England.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£2000 +VAT ono

Coloured Table Toppers, Napkins, Table Runners etc
Matching buttercup ivory table linen set.
77 Napkins @ 50p each
9 90" x 144" Trestle Table Cloths
9 118" Round Table Cloths
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£250 +VAT ono

Buttercup Ivory Table Linen - North Norfolk

Huge Amount Of Quality Linen - Essex

Price: £8000 VAT Free
Table linen for sale
We have for sale a large amount of great quality linen, some still new in boxes including:
2205x Table cloths In White, black Cream 90"x144", 70"x108", 70x70", 54x54", 132", 120", etc
4606x Napkins in white, black, cream, red and green.
3869x Runners in Orange, blue, black, cream, white, black
1913 x Chair covers in cream, black, white,
2097x Seat pad covers in Gold green white, blue and puple
Click to see full list and contact details

£8000 VAT Free

Table linen for sale
| Quantity: 14000
Round tablecloths to cover 5’ round table
Rectangular cloths to cover 6’ trestle tables
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£300 +VAT ono

Selection of Tablecloths and Napkins - Colchester, Essex
White Bone China ash trays - stable, brand new

Approx 3.5 inch width

Price £ 0.75 each

£0.75 +VAT

113x Bone China Ashtray
| Quantity: 113
Royal blue crushed velvet tablecloths for sale
30 available
Used once
£12.00 each
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£12 +VAT

Royal blue crushed velvet tablecloths
| Quantity: 30
All new straight from the manufacturer
500 black 22"x22" spun poly napkins nice quality clearing @ £1 each
120" circ cloths to match @ £24 each
70"x70"/54"x54" and 70" x 144" cloths to match
Not the thin polyester that is around, really nice 'cotton' feel to it but the benefit of being spun poly which launders beautifully
Plus carriage
Get it now for your Summer Balls before the Summer prices kick in!!
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£24 +VAT

Brand New Quality Black Spun Poly Stock Clearance Table Linen For Sale
Napkins @ 35p

· Gold
· Light Gold
· Forrest Green
· Ivory
· Royal Blue
· White
· Lilac
· Pink
· Lilac

36x36 @ £1.40

Click here for more info and contact details......

£6 +VAT

Table Linen For Sale - Cumbria

Sold Table Linen - Somerset

Price: £0 +VAT ono
Table Linen - Somerset
Clearing quality table linen
Ideal for the Christmas Party run
Large black rounds/trestle cloths and napkins
Cadbury purple
Holly Red
Ring for details

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Table Linen - Somerset

3ft sq White Table Cloths - London

Price: £3 £2.70 +VAT ono
brilliant white table cloths for sale
Quality 400 square table cloths in a size of 92cm x 92cm or 3 foot

The material is durable polyester and poly cotton. The table cloths have been slightly used in a restaurant. They are professionally cleaned and brilliant white.

The table cloths have the soft touch and high quality appearance of cotton with the durability and easy-care properties of polyester, creating the ideal high class table linen solution.

Reduced to £2.70 each

We accept small orders as well as large orders. Please e-mail for more information.

£3 £2.70 +VAT ono

brilliant white table cloths for sale
| Quantity: 400
For Sale. Good revenue opportunity.
Massive amount of as new spun polyester table linen, some still boxed 108"/120"/130" rounds and trestles in white, ivory or black.
To clear - change of business set-up.

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Job Lot of Table Linen for Rounds and Trestles - Somerset
Absolutely ideal for trestle table covers, antique fairs and the like

In blue or grey

100 metre rolls of 1.3 metres width

Which makes it 20% of the cost of banquet roll

£50 +VAT

Felt Table Coverings
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