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Inn-Vogue are an independent distributor of Contract Furniture with over 25 years experience of working in this industry and thus have a vast knowledge of products, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.

We can supply ‘run of the mill’ tables, chairs and sofas at very competitive prices, and we are happy to quote accordingly. But our main focus is outdoor living products that suit the Hospitality sector.

For more information see our website Tel: 07976 243298 or email
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19x Oak Framed Chairs - Derby

Price: £25 £20 +VAT
Oak Framed Chairs
Oak framed chairs with a Tan flat weave upholstered seat.
The chair frames are structurally sound and the upholstery has no rips or tears

£25 £20 +VAT

Oak Framed Chairs
| Ref #: 4573bb2cddd2

Collection of Low Bar Stools - Derby

Price: £25 +VAT ono
Collection of Low bar stools - Derby
A collection of low bar stools as follows : left to right
15 No. Red pattern flat weave fabric stools in nice upholstered condition.
4 No. Dark Brown faux leather in nice condition.
4 No. Quirky legged stools with long Orange faux leather upholstered sides and top in nice condition.
All frames structurally sound with no rips or tears to the upholstery.

£25 +VAT ono

Collection of Low bar stools - Derby
| Ref #: 89f909a96ebb

50x Upholstered Chairs - Derby

Price: £14 £12.50 +VAT
50 upholstered chairs - Derby
50 No. Natural Beech polished frames with patterned dralon upholstery with brass studding.
The frames are structurally sound - really sturdy.
The upholstery has no rips or tears. The seats are webbed from underneath giving a nice feel whilst seated.

£14 £12.50 +VAT

50 upholstered chairs - Derby
| Ref #: ebdc55a3d76a
This amazing sofa was custom built for a customer who could not measure! So it's brand new and never used.

It is very long and eye catching. Ideal for a pub, restaurant or hotel who wants to add a wow factor to their lounge area.

Attractively finished in light tan leather it should last for years.

£1500 +VAT ono

20Ft Leather Sofa
| Ref #: 661decc49975

Sold High Bar Chairs - Derby

Price: £45 +VAT
High bar chair for sale UK
High bar chairs (4 each if 4 colours Brown, Tan, Cream and Black ).
Viewing by appointment at our Central Derby warehouse.
£45 × Vat each or lots of 4 (1 colour) £156 + Vat or job lot of all 16 for £550 + Vat

£45 +VAT

High bar chair for sale UK
| Ref #: f1aeeff2c745

High Bar Chairs - Derby

Price: £49 +VAT
High bar chairs for sale
High Bar chars upholstered in a Lilac velour. Supplied structurally sound and with no rips or tears to the fabric.
For sale for £49 + Vat each or job lot for £350 + Vat

£49 +VAT

High bar chairs for sale
| Ref #: 06ffa507df8a

Sold High Bar Chairs - Derby

Price: £45 +VAT
Used bar stools for sale
High bar chairs (Houston style) with real leather upholstered seats and backs 6 Mocha and 5 Dark Brown, all with Brass studding.
Supplied structurally sound with no rips or tears to the upholstered seats and backs.
£45 + Vat each or job lot of 6 mocha for £240 & £200 for the 5 Brown.
Job lot of 11 high chairs for £395 + Vat

£45 +VAT

Used bar stools for sale
| Ref #: 6c807ae2b7b8
New mottled Brown faux leather chairs in boxes of 2 (requiring self assembly).
£30 + Vat each or job lot for £720 + Vat
The chairs can be supplied assembled for £5 extra per chair!

£30 +VAT

Dining chairs for sale
| Ref #: a93245955061
12 New (slight seconds) Brown Faux leather Oregon side chairs.
Basically the boxes were damaged and on inspection a couple of chair legs had scuff marks but hardly noticeable.
Do the frames are structurally sound and there us no rips or tears to the upholstery.
£39 each + Vat or job lot for £360 + Vat - So grab a bargain!

£39 +VAT

Faux leather chairs for sale UK
| Ref #: 22dd32a967a8
47 x Solid beech frame chairs in a Cherry lacquer finish ( some chairs are faded) and an upholstered Red faux leather seat.
Structurally sound frames. Some minor cuts to the upholstered but nothing bad.
They measure
Back height -85cm
Seat height - 46cm
Width - 40cm
Depth - 49cm
£15 + Vat each or job lor for £550 + Vat

£15 +VAT

Used faux leather padded chair for sale UK
| Ref #: f71e59876b2b
3 x Used Chesterfield 2 seater sofa''s
Upholstered in Real Blood Red leather and having a patina finish making them look worn but actually are in relatively good nick.
No rips or tears but each sofa on average has 7 deep buttons missing.
They measure 1.70m long by 0.90m wide and 0.70m high with a seat height of 0.39m
The seats cushions are fixed!
For saLe @ £295 + Vat each or job lot £750 + Vat

£295 +VAT

Used chesterfield sofas for sale
| Ref #: 3ea0c9be5dcf
Faux leather dining chairs.
18 have Red seats and 16 have Black seats. The backs are as per the photos.
These were in an American diner type of restaurant!
£25 + Vat per chair or job lot for £700 + Vat

£25 +VAT

Used faux leather dining chairs
| Ref #: 3abd29f7c62c
New (slight seconds) Light Oak polished wooden chairs with Maroon coloured faux leather seats.
These were originally boxed in pairs but the boxes got damaged in transit. On inspection no physical damage to the chairs except odd scuff marks on some frames.
It is possible to stack these chairs 5 high but I believe this only weakens the back frames when staff drag the chairs!
£35 each or job lot for £700 + Vat i.e. £28 each

£35 +VAT

New (Slight Seconds) Light Oak Polished Wooden Chairs
| Ref #: 1819e09e2bf4
New (slight seconds) Pink flat weave fabric upholstered chairs.
All structurally sound with stretcher bars from front to back legs.
These chairs were originally boxed but on delivery the boxes were damaged so they have been removed and checked over. Odd chairs have scuff marks to the polished legs but nothing highly visible.
8 @ £32 + Vat each

£32 +VAT

New (Slight Seconds) Pink Flat Weave Fabric Upholstered Chairs
| Ref #: 76620af822e7
5 high back chairs upholstered in Tartan fabric
The chairs are structurally sound benefitting from front to back stretcher rails
5 chairs @ £30 each = £150
Job lot for £120

£120 +VAT

tartan fabric high back dining chairs
| Ref #: 7c38714732e0
Made totally from Beech wood and finished in medium Oak.
These are supplied structurally sound!.
They measure: Back height - 74cm, Seat height - 45cm, Width - 56cm (51.5), Depth - 48cm,
Price £40 each or job lot for £200 + Vat

£40 +VAT

Traditional Captains Chairs
| Ref #: e61e3b5fcfaf
Supplied in near perfect condition - odd scuff marks to some legs and seats.
6x Blue
6x Yellow
With powder coated frames.
£40 each or joblot for £399 + VAT

£40 +VAT

Florence  Side Chairs for sale
| Ref #: 2d22bff2d1d4
Used but supplied in a fair condition
These are bigger than usual chairs of this style.
They measure: Back height - 84cm Seat height - 46cm Width - 74cm (60) Depth - 64cm
£25 each or joblot for £200 + VAT

£25 +VAT

Black leather tub chairs for sale
| Ref #: 9fbd25f1a837
Traditional flat weave patterned fabric.
The chairs are structurally sound with stretchers from front to back legs, but would benefit from a good clean.
They measure:Back height - 102cm, Seat height - 45cm, Width - 45cm, Depth - 45cm
Job lot for £300 + VAT

£300 +VAT

weabe patterened chairs
| Ref #: 27553ec82a61
Mixed fabric high back dining chairs.
Structurally sound and in nice condition.
They measure: Back height - 96cm, Seat height - 47cm, Width - 46cm, Depth - 52cm

£450 +VAT

Restaurant dining chairs for sale
| Ref #: b0275bffef0d
They have a medium / darkness finish with Blue dralon studded seats.
Supplied in fair condition and structurally sound.
They measure:
Back height - 78cm, Seat height - 45cm, Width - 58cm (50), Depth - 48cm
£35 each or job lot for £750 + VAT

£35 +VAT

Captains chairs for sale
| Ref #: e17dc29f1bec
Grey Faux leather seats and an Oatmeal style flat weave fabric for the rest of the chair.
These are supplied structurally sound and in near perfect condition.
They were lent to a client whilst there new chairs were been made and have had less than 2 weeks use!

£49 +VAT

Arm Chair in oatmeal
| Ref #: 84e6d66944e5
12 x New White polypropylene chairs - 8 are still boxed with 4 loose as shown in the picture and these are sold as slight seconds.
Seat width is 39cm
Seat height is 48cm
Displayed table only for show but can quote for new.

£19.95 +VAT

12 New outdoor stacking chairs - Derby
| Ref #: ceefeb928a3c
20 x New bright Pink fabric fully upholstered low stools. 18 still boxed!
They measure 44cm round with a height of 42cm.
£25 + Vat each or job lot of 20 for £450 + Vat
Viewing by appointment at our centre Derby warehouse.

£25 +VAT

20 x New Bright Pink Fabric Fully Upholstered Low Stools
| Ref #: 4003a5644944
New (slight seconds) armchairs finished in 2 materials. The backs in a Purple flat weave fabric whilst the seats are in a contrasting Purple faux leather.
These were originally boxed but these got damage. On inspection nothing is wrong with the chairs except possibly odd scuff marks to some legs.
For sale for £59 + Vat each or joblot for £500 + Vat

£49.95 £500 +VAT

New (Slight Seconds) Armchairs Finished In 2 Materials
| Ref #: abd14b04ef5b
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