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300 x brand new cream faux leather seat pads to fit the ChivarI and Cheltenham style banquet chairs

£4.99 +VAT

Brand new faux leather pad
| Ref #: 593c81002d3b
These chairs have been used however are in excellent condition. Small touch ups required. Included with each chair is a black seat pad.
These have the extra leg supports compared to the standard Chiavari chair normally sold in Europe and the UK (see pictures).

£18 £16 VAT Free

Chiavari chairs for sale
| Ref #: 6c1bf139b3ed

75x Black Chivari Chairs - Wigan

Price: £10 VAT Free
Black Chiavari Chairs
We have for sale 76 Dark wood chivari chairs without seat pads
These chairs are well made and are also very sturdy, less than 4 years old
Can stack
They will need a good clean as they have been in storage for a little while

£10 VAT Free

Black Chiavari Chairs
| Ref #: 6648e740db45

Sold 130x Silver Chiavari Chair - Dorset

Price: £12 +VAT
Silver chiavari chairs for sale
Chair only, no pad. 3 years old ready to hire and won’t need a respray for at least two seasons

£12 +VAT

Silver chiavari chairs for sale
| Ref #: 159ed54b7f06
HFA Removals
One price “The Best Price” Any Quantity
The UK’s most popular Event Banqueting Chair. This robust, high quality event chair constructed from Beechwood is NOW in stock at this incredible low price.
Huge quantities available for immediate collection from our warehouse in North Yorkshire or delivered directly to your door. Delivery Charges apply

£24.99 +VAT

Limewash chiavari chairs for sale
| Ref #: 3c8bdcd4a17d
  • Standard 5-spindle backrest
  • Made using European Beechwood
  • 4 support brackets used under the seat
  • 4 pieces of Velcro attached to the seat, in order to attach seat pads
  • The frame is a "white limewash" colour as per the photos
  • Stackable 8 to 10 high

£19.99 +VAT

New Limewash Chiavari Chairs
| Ref #: 293f3095f3d9
We have for sale 2,500 brand new Lime wash chivari banqueting chairs with a new ivory/cream seat pad in stock
These chairs are well made and are also very sturdy as well
Can stack 8-10 high
These chairs are ideal for the hire market as well as hotels, marquees companies etc and can be used for all types of functions including weddings and corporate events.

£25.99 +VAT

Chivari banqueting chair ivory seat pads
| Ref #: 0fc167f593f3
  • Feature a lovely 6-spoke curved back! In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, this also offers vastly superior comfort compared to our standard back chairs
  • Wooden seat support at the base of the chairs and 4 supporting brackets to add extra strength!
  • Made using first grade European Beechwood
  • Clever construction means they weigh only 3.4kg!
  • H89 x W39 x D43cm. Seat height 45cm
  • 4 pieces of Velcro used to securely attach the seat pad
  • Stackable 8 to 10 high

£26.50 +VAT

Limewash Chiavari Chairs with Curved Backs
| Ref #: 3604f8e1caaf
I bought these for our thanksgiving dinner and thought I would keep them for our afternoon tea concept but we are going in another direction.
Have 50 gold chiavari chairs with almost brand new seat pads (only used on thanksgiving dinner night)---fyi the two velcro bits don't match (they're both soft side lol) so we just used tape on the night.
They're used and have some scruff marks but otherwise really sturdy condition.
Pickup is Old Street Area (outside of Congestion zone), happy to sell in lots

£20 +VAT ono

Chiavari chairs for sale London
| Ref #: cdc72649c82a
Limewash Chiavari Chairs with Ivory Seat Pads for sale. Minimum Quantity 100.
These fantastic chairs are competitively priced to sell at just £26 + VAT. They will be available for delivery mid October as brand new stock is on its way having sold our existing stock. If you want these excellent chairs at this price for delivery in mid October please contact us now.
We will require a 25% deposit to secure your forward order.
The chairs are brand new and look particularly beautiful in their lime wash finish with ivory seat pads (which are fire resistant).

£26 +VAT

Brand New Lime-wash Chiavari Chairs with Ivory Seat Pads For Sale
| Ref #: 2898379a0a9d

Sold 240x Super Strong, Metal Chivari Chairs - London

Price: £10 ono VAT Free
Used chiavari chairs for sale
Strong, metal chivari chairs in white with black seat pads. Ideal for restaurants or events. Perfect for hire business.
Some signs of wear, can easily be painted to look like new. Some chairs have a top missing on the back support (pic 6).

£10 ono VAT Free

Used chiavari chairs for sale
| Ref #: 89f75aba6294
100 Brand New Resin Ice Chiavari Banqueting Chairs
• Scratch resistant
• Very strong frame
• Frame manufactured using resin
Flat Packed very easy self assembly. Or we can assamble at a small charge per chair
No pads includes. Pads available at extra cost.

£26 +VAT

New Ice Chiavari chairs
| Ref #: fed2130fbbb1
Chiavari chairs with black seat pads, under one year old and in as new condition

£25 +VAT ono

Used chairs for sale
| Ref #: 9f5c72d6d6e3
Manufactured from European Beech wood by Tiger Furniture, a leading UK supplier of furniture to the event and hospitality industries
Top quality chair comes complete with ivory seat pad
Brand new & wrapped
Limited stocks at this price

£28 £27 +VAT

Lime wash chivari chairs for sale
| Ref #: ddc791ab2435
600 Crystal Chivari Chairs.
All best quality available when purchased.
Two marginally different batches but always rented out together and never an issue.
About 4 years old and rented out no more than 10 times.
Some leatherette pads, some fabric. Approx 400/200 split. Cages and bags included for transport.
Ideally sold as one lot but may consider splitting into lots no les than 100.

£18 +VAT

Crystal Chiavari chairs
| Ref #: fccb2fd84074

Sold 200x Limewash Chivari Chairs - Hampshire

Price: £16 +VAT ono
Used limewash chiavari chairs
Used Limewash chivari chairs supplied by Ashcrofts in good used condition with ivory seat pads .
New stock arriving shortly
up to 200 available

£16 +VAT ono

Used limewash chiavari chairs
| Ref #: 8a175c266138

Sold 28x Limewash Chivari Chairs - Essex

Price: £20 £15 +VAT
Limewash Chivari Chairs
28x limewash chivari chairs
(brand new condition with high-quality ivory pads)

£20 £15 +VAT

Limewash Chivari Chairs
| Ref #: 432320cd6b00
Pair of crystal chairs with Ivory faux leather seat pad.
Used once for a display, as good as brand new.

£25 VAT Free

Crystal banqueting chair
| Ref #: 3ffe8a39dcf4

350x White Chivari Chairs - Essex

Price: £18 +VAT ono
White Chivari Banqueting Chairs
These white chivari chairs are in fairly good condition but have general wear and tear. No cracks in wood. Please feel free to contact for additional info/offers. Please note that the pads in the photo are not included.

£18 +VAT ono

White Chivari Banqueting Chairs
| Ref #: aea86c14b2d3
Second Hand Chiavaris
Solid colour of your choice i.e. White,Gold,Silver,Black

£19 +VAT

Secondhand chiavari chairs for sale UK
| Ref #: 4bd46c9fafed

Sold Second Hand Bentwoods - Hertfordshire

Price: £17.25 +VAT
Second hand chairs for sale
Second Hand Bentwoods
Solid colour of your choice i.e. White,Gold,Silver,Black

£17.25 +VAT

Second hand chairs for sale
| Ref #: 8b2833013de7
Black Chiavari Chairs
Few chips

£15.50 +VAT

Used black chiavari chairs
| Ref #: aa63b90ec69f

110x Chiavari Gold Chairs - West Sussex

Price: £10 including VAT
Used chiavari gold chairs
110 Chiavari Gold Chairs with red pads.
Second hand around 6 years old.

£10 including VAT

Used chiavari gold chairs
| Ref #: d7fb8e78168c

50 x Limewash Chiavari Chairs - Norfolk

Price: £21.50 +VAT ono
Used Limewash Chairs For Sale
Limewash Chiavari Chairs with black seat pads
These are in excellent condition, ex hire stock, 1 year old.

£21.50 +VAT ono

Used Limewash Chairs For Sale
| Ref #: c21d065260c4

Silver Chiavari Chairs - Luton

Price: £13 ono including VAT
Silver Chiavari Chairs - Luton
Silver Chiavari chair with the pad for sell in a fair condition

£13 ono including VAT

Silver Chiavari Chairs - Luton
| Ref #: 1d71548847d4
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