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This traditional table is perfect for pubs and restaurants.
With attractive cast iron base this table would look stunning in your establishment.

Please note: We would recommend that you replace the table top as the surface is scratched.

£95 +VAT

Pub table with cast iron base
| Ref #: cd30f184ad10
Vintage cast iron tables enamel finished britannia shield with gold figure, ideal for pubs/ restaurants or props for a film set.
The table tops are worn and rustic but solid wood so if you need them for a refurbishment then all they need is a sand and re-polish.
Or they are perfect if you are looking for the rustic look.

£100 +VAT ono

Tables Ideal for Pubs / Restaurants or Props for a Film Set
| Ref #: faedcd424099
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items