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This Foster unit provides a output of 120kg of Flaked Ice per 24 hours and features a dedicated storage bin than can hold up to 27kg of top quality ice with consistent production.
Perfect addition to any pub, bar or restaurant.

£995 VAT Free

Foster Ice Flaker (Ref: RHC3314) - Warrington, Cheshire
This top quality veg & leaf washing machine features automatic toss/ immersion cleaning with fresh water shower. It also has washing and spinning with one program sequence without having to put the produce into another basket. Additionally it features an automatic basket lifting and lowering device for ergonomic charging and discharging. The comfortable table arrangement ensures ease of operation. This veg & leaf washing machine includes circulation pump and drain pump and is supplied with one basket.

£2250 VAT Free

Meiko Veg & Leaf Washing Machine (Ref: RHC3302) - Warrington, Cheshire
Perfect for cafes, hotels and B&BS this compact milk dispenser is perfect for serving milk chilled to perfection. It is simple to use making it ideal for self-serve locations as well as busy cafes and coffee shops.

£125 VAT Free

Cornelius Milk Dispenser (Ref: RHC3303) - Warrington, Cheshire
This smart compact table top induction hob is perfect for the smallest of kitchen spaces. It features a single ring with easy to use controls and has space for pans to rest after cooking.

£110 VAT Free

Salvis Induction Hob (Ref: RHC3304) - Warrington, Cheshire
This griddle is manufactured by the popular brand Lincat and is more than capable of performing in the most demanding of kitchen environments. It comes with attractive hard chrome plating on a 12mm thick steel base ensuring a tough sturdy finish with even heat distribution. The fully welded plates eliminates grease and dirt traps also the reduced heat radiation into cooking area allows comfortable working with lower energy costs.

£295 VAT Free

Lincat Flat Top Griddle (Ref: RHC3305) - Warrington, Cheshire
Perfect for safely holding sauces, gravy and pre-cooked foods for up to two hours at serving temperature this Lincat Bain Marie has thermostatic heat control and front taps for easy draining. The wet heat operation helps to prevent food from drying out ensuring consistent product quality for your customers. This Bain Marie comes complete with two gastronome containers with lids.

£150 VAT Free

Lincat Bain Marie (Ref: RHC3306) - Warrington, Cheshire
Perfect for the most demanding of food service locations from hotels, large restaurants, hospitals and schools the use of a blast chiller can save time and resources within your busy kitchen. Blast chilling allows you to prepare larger batches and then chill or freeze some for later use. This makes for fewer larger batches resulting in more efficient use of ovens whilst helping to optimise chef’s time and providing a smoother service for your customers.
This foster blast chiller has a bottom mounted refrigeration system which provides stability and helps performance. With the addition of a hold facility and temperature probe this smart blast chiller is capable of chilling from 70°C to 3°C in just 90 minutes. The easy programme selection menu driven dial lets you simply turn to select the programme and push to start. This top quality blast chiller comes fully complete with two shelves and has a dished base with drain which makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.

£2295 VAT Free

Foster Blast Chiller (Ref: RHC3307) - Warrington, Cheshire
This smart table top saladette by foster is perfect for the fast and efficient preparation of salads, pizzas and a wide range of foods. It features a hinged cover for the safe storage of ingredients. The stainless steel fabrication ensures food safety. It can accommodate a selection of gastronome containers making this an essential piece of equipment within any business.

£175 VAT Free

Foster Saladette (Ref: RHC3308) - Warrington, Cheshire
Perfect for the fast and efficient preparation of pizzas, salads, sandwiches etc. this three door prep fridge with lid is ideal for your business. The fan assisted air refrigeration system delivers even temperature to the counter base and pan storage section. It features an inner catch tray which prevents foods from dropping into the main storage space. The rear mounted refrigeration maximises storage space whilst ensuring easy access for servicing and maintenance. This prep fridge comes with two shelves per door.

£895 VAT Free

Foster 3 Door Prep Fridge (Ref: RHC3311) - Warrington, Cheshire
No kitchen is complete without one a three door prep fridge. It offers a perfect solution to your chilled storage needs. It features a stainless gantry which can be used for additional storage space within your kitchen. This prep fridge comes complete with two shelves per door providing you with ample storage space whilst ensuring produce is readily available.

£695 VAT Free

Foster 3 Door Prep Fridge & Gantry (Ref: RHC3312) - Warrington, Cheshire
No deli is complete without this stunning serve over counter by Trimco. It features sleek wooden veneer finished panels which will complement and enhance any environment. The counter boasts a spacious under storage accessed by four doors and two rows of shelves which provide ample storage space for all your chilled produce.

£1495 VAT Free

Serve over counter for sale
This high capacity potato oven can bake 45 x 250gm potatoes per hour and approximately hold a further 40 potatoes hot and ready to serve. It is built for demanding conditions, designed for continuous daily use and features gold brass fittings and trim giving that vintage, rustic appeal.
Its four low wattage elements heat the chamber evenly for uniform bake quality and preventing the need for potato rotation.
It comes complete with three deep removable trays, a stainless steel interior for durability and insulation for greater efficiency.
Total Capacity: 85 potatoes.


Victorian Potato Oven (Ref: RHC2410) - Warrington, Cheshire
This MonoBX bake off oven is designed to incorporate all the essential functions and features needed to produce high quality products including croissants, danish pastries, bread rolls, bagels, muffins, eclairs and cookies. It is ideal for establishments that demand quality, reliability and value for money.
The simple and easy-to-use LED Classic controller can store up to 9 of the most commonly used bake programs for quick and easy product recall and displays temperature, time, steam and damper.
Comes complete with stand.


MonoBX Bake Off Oven
Bake Off convection oven for everyday use in commercial kitchen
Perfect for cooking or reheating.
Drop Down Door
60 Minute timer
4 removable cooking racks included


Oven Front
This large double hot cupboard by Bartlett is perfect for storing large amounts of foods at the perfect serving temperature. The size of this hot cupboard makes it ideal for large canteen & cafeteria food service locations.

£525 VAT Free

Hot cupboard for sale
This smart counter top heated display unit will ensure your produce is at the perfect serving temperature. The aesthetically pleasing design will draw your customers’ eyes to the delicious produce you have to offer. Complete with three gastronome slots and an upper wire rack shelf this display unit offers maximum food storage. This display unit is ideal for any small café, restaurant or bistro.


Trimco Heated Display
This Fri-jado 3 Level Pass-Through Multi deck is ideal for chicken, wraps, snacks & soups etc.
Featuring an efficient combination of conduction heat, airflow and an air curtain which help maintain ideal product temperatures. Complete on swivel castors for ease of movement.

£1295 £995

Fri-jado Heated Display Unit (Ref: RHC1751) - Warrington, Cheshire
This Shahi Tandoori Oven is ideal for making perfect tandoori food.
Features a well-insulated design to ensure low operation costs.
Ideal for any takeaway or restaurant.

£420 £350

Shahi Tandoori Oven (Ref: RHC2005) - Warrington, Cheshire
This Lincat pie warmer will ensure that your produce is displayed perfectly for your customers.
Complete with a single wire rack shelf making sure that your pies, pasties and sausage rolls are displayed and heated to the perfect temperature.
Brand: Lincat : Model: IP21B


Lincat IP21B Pie Warmer (Ref: RHC1359)
This smart Lincat six burner oven range has powerful hob burners which give high speed cooking with controllability even at low temperatures. It comes complete with robust and easy to clean cast iron pan supports and full depth dished hob to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance. The large powerful oven comes complete with vitreous enamelled oven liners and [number] oven shelves with four shelf positions. Positioned on casters this smart Lincat six burner oven range is the perfect oven range for your busy kitchen.

£780 VAT Free

Gas range cooker
Provide your customers with perfectly sliced meats with this top quality meat slicer. This smart meat slicer comes complete with a wide range of accessories. Blade Size: 12" /320mm.

£1495 VAT Free

Meat slicer for sale
Falcon Dominator oven range features six powerful open top burners. Complete with three cast iron pan supports and five shelf positions with one shelf supplied. This range is great value and a real asset in the kitchen.

£650 VAT Free

Gas range cooker for sale
Provide your customers with perfect pizzas cooked to the highest standards with this two tier pizza oven. Fully complete with fire brick base which provides a crisp base to your customers pizzas this pizza oven has easy to use controls and a glass fronted door so you can have full control of the cooking process.

£625 VAT Free

Pizza oven for sale
Perfect for use within any deli, butchers or fishmongers this smart label printer scale is perfect for weighing and packaging a wide range of produce. It has easy to use controls with a smart digital display.
Please note: This item is as new and is in pristine condition.

£400 VAT Free

Label printer scale
Make your floors sparkle with this floor polisher it features high speed 17 inch single disc and is able to adapt to different cleaning tasks. It is especially suited to spray cleaning & buffing. It has an anatomically formed grip, adjustable handle bar height, soft start characteristics and low vibration & noise level which helps to make it user friendly.
Please note: This item does not include floor pads

£150 VAT Free

Floor buffer for sale
This superb Frymaster 8kw pasta boiler holds 3lbs of dry pasta and boasts the industry’s largest overflow drain, to virtually eliminate the chance of clogs. The auto Fill/starch skimmer keeps water levels at the correct height and removes excess starch residue.
Please Note: This high quality Pasta boiler is in fantastic condition, less than 18 months old.

£1710 £1500

Pasta boiler
This very stylish stainless steel heated bain marie with heat lamps and customer sneeze screen is perfect for both front of house and kitchen environments.

£350 £325

Victor Tabletop Bain Marie
This front loading commercial tumble dryer has nine programmes and is finished in white with a stainless steel lid.

£270 £250

Miele tumble dryer
This Lec under-counter medical fridge features an anti-microbial handle to help prevent the spread of bacteria and infection and audible and visual high and low temperature alarms.
Complete with three wire shelves and one basket.

£210 £195

Lec Medical Fridge (Ref: RHC1836) - Warrington, Cheshire
Achieve perfect crepes time after time with this high quality crepe maker. Easy to use with thermostatic controls your customers will enjoy the fresh delicious crepes you can make with this machine.

£180 £160

Krampouz Crepe Maker (Ref: RHC1831) - Warrington, Cheshire
This Corsair commercial trolley is complete with a top Bain Marie with a sliding cover and two hot cupboard compartments.
Features a strong and sturdy construction, wide choice of compartment configurations and castors making it light and manoeuvrable.

£490 £450

Hot cupboard / serving trolley
Make sure your glasses are squeaky clean with this compact glass washer by Amika. It comes complete with rinse aid and detergent along with a 150 second cycle time this glass washer is the ideal machine for any demanding back bar location. This gravity drained glass washer will need to be positioned above the drainage level therefore an additional stand may be required.
Brand: Amika, Model: 4XUK

£450 +VAT

Amika  4XUK Glasswasher
This compact two ring boiling top by Lincat is perfect for the smallest of catering locations. The compact and low profile allows for a comfortable working height when positioned on a standard worktop height of 900mm. The sealed hotplates makes cleaning and maintenance easy. The hotplates have variable heat control and automatic power reduction if the pan boils dry or is removed which prolongs the life of the hotplate.
Brand: Lincat, Model: LBR2

£110 +VAT

Two ring hob
Provide your customers with perfectly fried chips, onion rings, chicken and a wide range of other fried items with this compact table top twin tank fryer by popular brand Lincat. It features front mounted easy to use controls which ensures safe working practice. Additionally it has a hinging element with safety cut out to provide easy access to the tanks for easy cleaning and maintenance. It comes fully complete with two wire rack baskets and lids this is the perfect fryer for cafes and restaurants alike.
Please note: This fryer is in excellent condition and has had less than 6 months of usage

£295 +VAT

Lincat Tabletop Fryer
Speed up washing up times with this smart dishwasher by Classeq. The compact under counter dishwasher is perfect for locations where space is at a premium. The top quality dishwasher has a cycle time of three minutes and includes rinse aid and detergent which will ensure your dishes and glasses are cleaned to perfection time and time again. This pump drained dishwasher has a water consumption of approximately 2.5 litres per hour. This quality dishwasher is perfect for pubs, cafes and small restaurants or even busy bars and clubs.

£750 VAT Free

Front dishwasher for sale
Limited space needn’t hamper your ability to store and display the products your customers love. This smart display freezer comes complete with three height adjustable shelves making it perfect for displaying large and small tubs of ice creams and other frozen produce.

£250 VAT Free

Table top freezer for sale
This top performing salamander grill is a very versatile piece of equipment which is easy to use and well equipped with performance features making it ideal for melting, grilling and toasting.

£695 VAT Free

Salamander grill for sale
Increase impulse sales of chilled drinks with this smart multideck by Caravell. It features four shelves with additional space at the bottom which provides you with ample storage space for all your products. Fully complete with night blind this multideck is finished in stainless steel which will complement any interior.

£850 VAT Free

Multideck fridge for sale
This smart serve over counter is perfect for displaying a wide range of chilled products for your customers. The compact design makes it perfect for shops and delis where space is at a premium. It features a spacious chilled under storage so you can replace sold stock with ease. Complete with a granite worktop and top light to ensure your products are showcased to the highest of standards this serve over counter is the perfect addition to your business.

£575 VAT Free

Serve over counter for sale
This smart countertop griddle is perfect for cooking a wide range of foods such as bacon, eggs, onions and burgers. Thermostatically controlled for consistent performance this griddle is perfect for establishments where space is at a premium.

£295 VAT Free

Lincat griddle for sale
Create a wide range of coffees and hot drinks for your customers to enjoy with this smart two group coffee machine. It is simple to use and has two steam wands, hot water tap and pressure gauge. This is the perfect coffee machine for any demanding café or coffee shop.

£1495 VAT Free

2 group coffee machine
Perfect for keeping large volumes of hot soup, sauces, gravies and even chilli this smart soup kettle by buffalo is perfect for your business. Finished in black to ensure it will complement any food service location this soup kettle uses wet heat operation to reduce the chance of food burning.

£20 VAT Free

Soup kettle for sale
Perfect for start-ups and refurbishments this good quality stainless steel and granite worktop unit will provide your business with plenty storage and worktop space. It comes complete with a carvery pad which can be removed to reveal a two pot dry Bain Marie (pots not included). Additionally this worktop unit has space for seven built in twin plug sockets ready for your equipment and a hand sink at one end.

£1250 VAT Free

Work surface for sale
Achieve outstanding cooking results with this smart Cobra six burner oven range. It features cast iron burners and vitreous enamel pot stands with 6 x 5.5kW open burners and manual pilot ignition. It also has variable high to low controls and a static oven with 4 position racking and two shelves. The oven has welded vitreous enamelled oven liner and side hinged doors. Finished in stainless steel this top quality oven range has adjustable front feet with casters at the rear for easy movement and positioning within your busy establishment.

£695 VAT Free

Gas range cooker for sale
Table top commercial fryer manufactured by Lincat features front mounted thermostatic control with fail-safe top temperature cut out which maintains accurate oil temperature and ensures safe operation.
It comes complete with one wire basket & lid.

£175 +VAT

Table top fryer for sale