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This stylish flat top griddle is perfect for cooking a wide range of items to perfection. The fast heat up from cold enables you to quickly and effortlessly cook foods such as eggs, bacon and fry ups to burgers, sausages, onions and other veg with ease. This compact table top griddle is the perfect addition to your busy café, coffee shop or small restaurant.

£150 +VAT

Flat top for sale
This fish fridge is perfect for safely and efficiently storing large quantities of fresh fish at the ultimate temperature to ensure the quality of fish for your customers. It features an external drain to the front and comes with a total of seven spacious drawers. This compact fish fridge is perfect for any fish & chip shop for restaurant offering top quality fish and seafood.

£495 +VAT

Fish fridge for sale
This sturdy hot cupboard trolley is perfect for keeping large volumes of produce at the perfect serving temperature. It is ideal for use within establishments such as schools, hospitals and other food service locations. It comes complete with two shelves which provide ample storage space for gastronomes of freshly cooked foods.

£150 +VAT

Heated trolley for sale
Provide your customers with top quality grilled and toasted foods cooked to perfection with this excellent salamander by leading manufacturer Falcon. It features high performance burners, easy to use controls with variable brander height enabling you to have complete control over the cooking process ensuring food consistency and quality. This quality salamander will make the perfect addition to your busy kitchen.

£495 +VAT

Salamander grill for sale
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Provide your diners with delicious meals cooked to perfection within this quality fan assisted convection oven by Blodgett. The large capacity enables quantities of foods to be cooked at the same time making it ideal for both restaurant and banquet services within the most demanding of food service locations. The oven comes fully complete with easy to use controls and three full sized oven shelves.

£750 +VAT

Oven for sale
This smart quality chip scuttle is perfect for any small fast food eatery. It is capable of keeping chips and other fried products at the perfect temperature for up to 20 minutes. The perforated base helps to maintain product texture and quality by allowing excess oils to drip through to the removable tray below. This compact chip scuttle is easy to use and has simmerstat control making it easy to use within your business.

£95 +VAT

Chip scuttle for sale
This top quality twin deck pizza oven features an electronic control board which has been specifically designed to offer effortless cooking for you to create perfect pizzas and is decorated with a special black dashboard giving the oven a sleek and stylish finish. It is also fitted with heavy-duty doors insulated with high density fibre which reduces heat loss whilst the double refractory deck with a vacuum in the middle distributes heat coming from the burner allowing perfect even baking.

£3500 +VAT

Pizza oven for sale
This stylish under counter freezer from Williams features a front vented refrigeration system for increased performance and efficiency. It also has adjustable feet, robust stainless steel construction and comes fully complete with two wire fixed shelves.

£250 +VAT

Under counter freezer for sale
This compact hot cupboard is perfect for busy businesses both large and small. It enables you to keep foods at the perfect serving temperature for longer periods ensuring your customers are served with delicious hot dishes to enjoy. It has an easy to use thermostat control and comes complete with a stainless steel shelf.

£125 +VAT

Hot cupboard for sale
Provide your customers with perfectly cooked pastries displayed within this stylish pie warmer. The pie warmer features two wire rack shelves which will enable you to showcase your products to the highest of standards. Additionally the pie warmer has sliding glass doors to allow for easy access to pies whilst keeping them at the ultimate serving temperature for a longer period of time.

£75 +VAT

Pie warmer for sale
This table top chargrill is perfect for providing your customers with high quality foods chargrilled to perfection. It features two independent burners with individual on/off switches whilst the integrated fat atomising technology eliminates the need of any additional drip trays. It comes complete with a griddle plate which allows you to cook more than meats and vegetables; you can also cook fine fish, scallops, bacon, eggs and onions with ease. Additionally it is fitted with a slow cook & rest shelf which ensures you serve your customers with perfectly cooked foods throughout service. This quality chargrill comes complete with scraper and bar lifter tool which makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

£1395 +VAT

Synergy Char Grill
This smart single door freezer is fabricated from the highest quality stainless steel and comes with three adjustable shelves which provide ample storage space for your busy kitchen. Positioned on casters for easy movement within your business this is the perfect freezer for your frozen storage needs.

£450 +VAT

Inomak Single Freezer
Ensure you have all the chilled storage space your busy restaurant needs with this quality double door fridge by Inomak. It features frost free forced cooling and is fitted with an electronic controller which incorporates an audible & visual high/ low alarm. Additionally, the double fridge comes complete with four shelves per door which provides ample and safe storage of all your chilled products. Positioned on casters, this double fridge is easy to move and position which makes cleaning and maintenance effortless. This spacious fridge is the perfect addition to your business.

£695 +VAT

Inomak Double Fridge
This Infrico 2 door prep fridge with integrated sink features an internal drain system, automatic defrost and a digital controller.
Fully complete with one wire shelf per door, this two door prep fridge offers ample chilled storage produce at a readily available location.

£750 +VAT

Prep fridge
This setup is perfect for any start up business and Includes a water cooled Ice cream freezer which features a rear centrered control panel and comes complete with 18 gastronomes perfect for displaying a wide range of ice creams at the perfect temperature. A chilled display counter perfect for cold drinks, cakes and pastries and a smart servery counter with stainless steel built in single sink, small handsink and pull out bin.

£2995 +VAT

Ice Cream Shop Setup
This smart wet heat Bain Marie is perfect for the most demanding of food service locations. It boasts a spacious pass through hot cupboard which is capable of holding large volumes of freshly cooked foods at the perfect serving temperature with ease. The Bain Marie has space for 6 1/1 gastronome containers which is ideal for serving food within a fast pace environment. Additionally it has a two tier heated gantry which has 305mm wide shelves and is securely fitted to the cupboard top. This superb hot cupboard and Bain Marie is the perfect addition to any demanding restaurant, hotel or school.

£725 +VAT

Gas Hot cupboard with bain marie
This quality double freezer by Inomak is perfect for safely storing large volumes of frozen produce for your busy restaurant or hotel. It comes complete with a total of six shelves which provides ample storage.

£695 +VAT

Inomak Double Freezer
This quality free-standing single tank fryer features a heavy duty construction with powerful performance making it the perfect addition to your business. This top performing fryer comes complete with two baskets which enables you to cook two products at a time or to stagger cooking times perfect for busy and quieter periods. The sturdy lid enables you to cover the tank between services prolonging oil life.

£425 +VAT

Gas fryer for sale
Increase impulse sales within your convenience store or café with this compact heated display. It features illuminated changeable sign at the top of the item and changeable pricing strips which allows you to customise it with your own branding and prices. With shatter resistant glass which provides 180° product display and angled shelves to ensure maximum product visibility to increase impulse sales this is the perfect heated display for your shop.

£695 +VAT

Heated display for sale
This quality two tier convection oven by popular brand Lincat is perfect for cooking everything from pies, pastries, pizzas, roasts, cakes and much more. Each 4 grid oven comes complete with a twin fan air circulation system which delivers a highly efficient air flow ensuring even and consistent cooking with faster cooking times. Additionally, the water injection facility gives a professional finish to breads and pastries whilst the built in cook and hold technology reduces the oven temperature to 80°C at the end of the cooking period. Also the oven has fast heat up from cold feature as well as double glazed door with removable internal glass for effortless cleaning.

£1895 +VAT

Oven for sale
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