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Red Hot Chilli - Cheshire

Located in Warrington, Cheshire


Contact Robert or Liz on 01925 242623 or email red.hotchilli@outlook.com
Ideal for use in a wide range of establishments such as pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants this Polar ice machine offer high output ice making with ease.
The ice machine is simple to use ensuring effortless staff training whilst the robust stainless steel exterior enables it to be cleaned and maintained easily. This is the perfect ice machine for the most demanding of restaurants, clubs and bars.
Brand: Polar, Model: GL192

£450 +VAT

Deep stainless steel table features an undercounter shelf and comes complete with adjustable feet.

£250 +VAT

This top performing tumble dryer by Miele is ideal for use within demanding establishments. It Features a heat pump drying system with patented soft care drum. The tumble dryer comes with two standard programs, two time-controlled programs and 13 specialist programs which ensure your clothes, bedding, table cloths are all dried to perfection without damaging the fabrics. The digital display shows both the program run and remaining time whilst the dual filter is located in the front door.

£650 +VAT

Quality stainless steel sink is the perfect addition to any commercial dishwasher set up, features a right hand basin and comes complete with spray arm.

£175 +VAT

This quality washing machine is perfect for demanding hotels and B&Bs. It features a variety of programs including a quick cycle with a time of 49 minutes and a specially designed disinfectant program which ensures items are hygienically cleaned. The miele honeycomb drum is gentle to fabrics which ensure items such as bedding can be washed time and time again. Additionally, the washing machine has a connection for up to four dispensers which ensure it is capable of regular use within the most demanding establishments. This is a gravity drained machine.

£995 +VAT

Quality stainless steel stand features an undercounter shelf and comes complete with on castors for easy mobility.

£95 +VAT

This stainless steel table comes complete with a shelf for additional storage and back lip to prevent food debris falling behind. Lip: 50mm

£145 +VAT

This two group coffee machine is ideal for use within any demanding coffee shop. It features two steam wands, two portafilters and easy to use controls. Additionally, the coffee machine has storage space above which is ideal for safely storing coffee cups ready for use.

£750 +VAT

Stainless steel table features an undercounter shelf and comes complete with adjustable feet. Please Note: There is a small hole in the stainless top.

£125 +VAT

This stainless steel table is the perfect addition to any commercial pass-through dishwasher setup.
Features a left hand undercounter shelf and right hand undercounter space.

£145 +VAT

Achieve outstanding cooking results with this smart Cobra six burner oven range. It features cast iron burners and vitreous enamel pot stands with 6 x 5.5kW open burners and manual pilot ignition. It also has variable high to low controls and a static oven with 4 position racking and two shelves. The oven has welded vitreous enamelled oven liner and side hinged doors. Finished in stainless steel this top quality oven range has adjustable front feet with casters at the rear for easy movement and positioning within your busy establishment.

£650 +VAT

Achieve outstanding cooking results within your demanding kitchen thanks to this quality flat top griddle by Imperial. It features a solid hot plate with three independently controlled burners which enable you to cook a wide range of foods at the same time all at different temperatures. The spacious hotplate is ideal for cooking breakfast items such as sausages, eggs, bacon and even pancakes. Alternatively it can be used for cooking meats and veg for evening service which makes it suitable for the most demanding food service locations. The griddle also comes complete with stand which in its self comes on lockable castors and boasts a spacious under storage area.

£750 +VAT

This spacious chest freezer is ideal for storing a wide range of frozen products ready for use within your busy kitchen. It features static cooling and manual defrost with drain this chest freezer is finished in white which will complement any interior.

£250 +VAT

The innovative flame grill offers instant gas fired cooking with the ability to accommodate charcoal or lump wood for additional aroma and flavour whilst the even heat distribution system ensures products are cooked to the highest quality. The three cooking tiers makes searing, cooking and resting effortless whilst ensuring foods are cooked to perfection. Additionally the free standing flame grill comes complete with a shelf with space for GN containers which is perfect for holding water or marinades ready for use on meats. This is a top quality piece of equipment which will leave a lasting impression on your diners.

£1495 +VAT

This under counter dishwasher is ideal for use within the most demanding of food service locations. It features a full size basket which makes it perfect for both glasses and plates which enables you to use with both within kitchen and bar spaces.
This dishwasher is gravity drained therefore an additional stand may be required.

£550 +VAT

This top quality serve over counter by Interlevin is ideal for use within cafes, coffee shops, delis and more. It features static cooling with digital controller and temperature display. Additionally, the counter, to the rear, has a spacious under storage accessed by a solid hinged door, acrylic sliding doors to the display area and a 13 amp three pin plug socket is fitted which enables you to plug in items such as a till or scales.

£725 +VAT

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