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2400 x 510 x 890mm high approx..
Seat height 440mm approx..
Bench appears to have been stripped so is really " Rustic" looking

£60 +VAT

Pew for sale
Alcove Bench 9 as New)
1605 x 600 x 900mm high approx..
Seat Height 470mm approx..

£60 +VAT

Bench for sale
1830 x 1070mm approx..
Seat Height 450mm approx.
Legs are in two sections and come detached from the two sections of Bench

£125 +VAT

Bench for sale
Red Chesterfield style bench seating
2820 x 650 x 1020mm high approx.
Seat Height 450mm approx.
Legs are in two sections and come detached from the two sections of Bench

£125 +VAT

Red pub bench
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100 Dark Blue Stacking Chairs with a choice of cover
(only have 50 left for each of the black or green)
Chair covers are available separately

£300 +VAT

Chairs with Covers
| Quantity: 100
Assembled (which is a lot of work if you are thinking to buy some)

Goes in a van

Used once for an indoor event

£100 +VAT

Tree bench
29 x assorted stacking chairs one or two a little worn or need a clean
Generally, all ok

£80 £30 +VAT

Stacking chairs for sale
| Quantity: 29

£490 +VAT

Stacking chairs
| Quantity: 49
HFA Removals
Manufactured from easy-to-clean hygienic materials.
Damp-proof and UV-proof. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Lightweight and easy to manage.
Bench folds away for easy storage, ideal for any situation where space is an issue.
Easy to store and manoeuvre, trolleys available
Tables available from stock, next day delivery available.
Size 6ft x 1ft x 17in seat height.

£19.99 +VAT

Blow Moulded Benches
| Quantity: 20

£10 +VAT

Benches for sale
| Quantity: 19
2 No. unusual designer settle benches upholstered in Real UK upholstered leather in 2 shades of Blue.
The backs are deep buttoned and rass studding, shaped with a row of short wooden spindles. The seats are in a darker Blue leather. There are no rips or tears to the upholstery.

£295 +VAT

Settle for sale
| Quantity: 2
2x New (slight 2nds) bench seating or Booth seats.
These were rejected by a client because the were sprayed to dark! otherwise they are supplied in perfect condition.
The seats are UK upholstered in Real Aniline Green leather with the backs polished only tongue and groove vertical boards with solid Beech cappings. The back is also tongue and grooved in a pivoted diagonal design.

£895 +VAT

Benches for sale
| Quantity: 2
Well made wooden pew ideal for cafes/pubs/bistros.
In fabulous condition and would add history and character to any setting.

£100 +VAT

Church pews for sale
9 feet 10 inches (299cm) long solid Beech frame settle with matching seat and back with predominately Dark Blue dralon with a beige box pattern.
Supplied structurally sound with no rips or tears to the fabric.

£149.95 +VAT ono

Long bench / settle
4m x 6m Complete 4 Tier Stage Deck Seating Tribune Package - Natural Finish
Full package system, ready to use including all the required fixtures and fittings.
This pre-selected stage deck based seating tribune system is perfect for choirs, churches, schools, theatres, music events and any number of other uses where a portable height staggered seating system is required.
The beauty of the SCA-03 stage deck platform is that it can easily be added or subtracted from a larger system when the need requires, or the budget allows, so if you are limited to starting off with just a few decks but with the aim of adding in further units to build a system over time, then this is the perfect platform for that purpose. For much larger systems, we can supply stair units and access ramps for disabled users.

£3650 +VAT

Stage Deck 4 Level Tiered Seating Tribune 4m x 6m Package Natural Finish
| Quantity: 10
Brand new stacking café chairs – End of line clearance


Lyon Chair
| Quantity: 36
This is a Complete Theatre System, every nut, bolt, lamp, cable etc. You name it, it's there.
- Retractable bleachers for seating up to 90pax.
- Twin 10m x 6m wired lighting bars have a total of 68 15amp outlets.
- 2 x Gorton pilewind motors and pulleys.
- 200m of complete T60 curtain tracking with 500 runners including mounts, brackets and fixings.
- 3 LD90 Dimmers (plus 1 parts unit).
- 72 working Strand and Selecon Lights with accessories.

£25000 VAT Free ono

Complete Theatre Bleacher Seating System
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