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4m x 6m Complete 4 Tier Stage Deck Seating Tribune Package - Natural Finish
Full package system, ready to use including all the required fixtures and fittings.
This pre-selected stage deck based seating tribune system is perfect for choirs, churches, schools, theatres, music events and any number of other uses where a portable height staggered seating system is required.
The beauty of the SCA-03 stage deck platform is that it can easily be added or subtracted from a larger system when the need requires, or the budget allows, so if you are limited to starting off with just a few decks but with the aim of adding in further units to build a system over time, then this is the perfect platform for that purpose. For much larger systems, we can supply stair units and access ramps for disabled users.

£3650 +VAT

Stage Deck 4 Level Tiered Seating Tribune 4m x 6m Package Natural Finish
| Quantity: 10
This is a Complete Theatre System, every nut, bolt, lamp, cable etc. You name it, it's there.
- Retractable bleachers for seating up to 90pax.
- Twin 10m x 6m wired lighting bars have a total of 68 15amp outlets.
- 2 x Gorton pilewind motors and pulleys.
- 200m of complete T60 curtain tracking with 500 runners including mounts, brackets and fixings.
- 3 LD90 Dimmers (plus 1 parts unit).
- 72 working Strand and Selecon Lights with accessories.

£25000 VAT Free ono

Complete Theatre Bleacher Seating System

£85 +VAT

Theatre seating for sale
| Quantity: 10
We are a small none profit making theatre in north London. Our theatre chairs are on their last legs...literally. The fabric is held together with matching gaffer tape and every time we have a show we have to send chairs away to be re welded. We re desperate... And we need new chairs. Our theatre has 160 chairs bolted in rows now but we need a refit. We could never ever afford new but some second hand ones might be affordable. Please. We re not fussy about the colour etc as long as they work.


Folding Theatre Chairs Wanted
| Quantity: 160
Gable asset Finance - Click for a competitive quote

£10 VAT Free ono

100 Theatre style tip-up chairs
| Quantity: 100
HFA Removals
Gable asset Finance - Click for a competitive quote
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