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Inn-Vogue are an independent distributor of Contract Furniture with over 25 years experience of working in this industry and thus have a vast knowledge of products, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.

We can supply ‘run of the mill’ tables, chairs and sofas at very competitive prices, and we are happy to quote accordingly. But our main focus is outdoor living products that suit the Hospitality sector.

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12 No. 2nd hand high bar chairs supplied structurally sound.
Prefer to sell as a job lot for £250 + Vat but for fewer quantities @ £25 + Vat each

£250 +VAT

12x Dallas High Bar Chairs
| Quantity: 12
8 No. New (slight seconds) Oregon high bar chairs upholstered in Mustard colour faux leather. All supplied structurally sound with absolutely no rips or tears, just occasional scuff marks to the polished frames.
For sale as a job lot for £359 + Vat or individually @ £59 + Vat each

£59 +VAT

8 No. New Oregon high bar chairs
| Quantity: 8
24 No. 2nd hand Red faux leather chairs with a Natural polished legs.
Supplied structurally sound with no visible rips or tears in the upholstery.
Prefer to sell as a job lot for £360 + Vat

£360 +VAT

24 Red faux leather chairs
| Quantity: 24
6 No. back to back booths of seating with potential to seat 42 persons.
This seating was manufactured 9 months ago.
The frames are welded box section metal with Blue faux leather seats and Yellow faux leather backs with a profile!
One booth and end section is shorter than the other 5.
The tables are engineered laminates in a mellowed distressed finish sitting on welded tubular frames!
For sale as a job lot for £1500 + Vat or nearest offer!

£1500 +VAT ono

6 No. Low back booth seats with tables
| Quantity: 6
Gable asset Finance - Click for a competitive quote
40 No. Shaker style 3 rung Ladderback Chairs with solid wood seats.
8 No. Solid Colonial Hardwood tables in 2 sizes: 4 No. 150 x 90cm and 4 No. 120 x 90cm
Prefer to sell as a job lot for £1295 + Vat
Otherwise individual 120 x 90cm sets for £160 and 150 x 90cm sets for £225 + Vat

£1295 +VAT

Table and Chair Sets
| Quantity: 48
8 No. Solid Oak round dining tables with a diameter of 110cm which comfortably sit 4 persons.
The height is 78cm whilst the top thickness 26mm.
For sale @ £100 + Vat each or job lot of 8 for £699 + Vat

£100 +VAT

Round dining tables
| Quantity: 8
16 No. New slight seconds Tolix style high stools in a dirty Grey finish.
The seat measures 32 x 32cm with overall height of 66cm
Prefer to sell as a job lot for £350 + Vat but may split @ £24 + Vat each

£350 +VAT

16 Tolix style high bar stools in gunmetal dirty grey
| Quantity: 16
8 No. Chocolate Brown faux leather modern seating on Grey metal frames all supplied structurally sound with No rips or tears to the upholstery.
These could be used as a continuous wall seat of 720cm or 4 pairs of booth seating (each pair sitting 4 persons)
For sale @ £125 + Vat each or Job lot for £799 + Vat

£125 +VAT

Banquette Wall Seating Units
| Quantity: 8
60 No. high back dining chairs in Black polished Beech frame with Sunbury crib 5 fabric upholstered seats.
The chairs are structurally sound with no rips or tears to the upholstery.
Prefer to sell as a job lot for £900 + Vat but can sell fewer quantities for £19 + Vat.

£900 +VAT

Black polished Beech frame dining chairs
| Quantity: 60
Ex University Tricolour Modular Sectional Library Banquette Seating with Power and USB Points
It is comfortable to sit on with a firmish seat and back
Up to 880cm long comprising 5 No. 160cm lengths with 2 corner sections
Has many configurations
Offers invited @ £1500 + Vat

£1500 +VAT ono

Ex University Sectional Library Banquette Seating
1940's style chairs lacquer finished in medium oak in 3 frame styles with 4 colour ways of Real aniline UK upholstered leather seats - Grey, Green, Tan and distressed Red.

£30 £20 +VAT

Restaurant chairs for sale
| Quantity: 8
28x New (slight seconds) light oak Slatback dining chairs.
All supplied structurally sound with No rips or tears to the olive shiny faux leather seats.

£25 £22.50 +VAT

Chairs for sale
| Quantity: 28
35x Chrome framed chairs with Red ply seat and backs (The backs having a Ziggy fretwork design) that are stackable.
The chairs are all New with most of them still boxed ready for assembly.

£27 £22.50 +VAT

Red ziggy chairs for sale
| Quantity: 35
Some of the all in one polypropylene seat/backs are showing minor markings probably caused by the underframe whilst stacked. If the stools are to be used on there own this will not get any worse!

£399 £369 +VAT

Stools for sale
| Quantity: 18
36x Scab designer Swivel chairs referred to as Zebra bicolore White with Cornflower Blue seats made of polymer / polypropylene, sitting on 4 Chrome splayed leg bases with nifty swivel.mechanism. Rotates 360° without the feet moving.
Very Chic!

£24.95 +VAT

Scab design chairs for sale
| Quantity: 36
24x polypropylene chairs
These are about 3 months old and are supplied structurally sound.

£360 +VAT

Secondhand chairs for sale
| Quantity: 24
2x Tan Real Leather couches supplied structurally sound with no rips or tears.
Each has a removable Brown Dralon fabric back rest.

£350 £295 +VAT

Sofa for sale
| Quantity: 2
Supplied structurally sound with no rips or tears to the leather.
The measurements are:
Back height of 102cm
Seat height of 50cm
Width of 61cm

£395 £300 +VAT

Booth seating for sale
| Quantity: 2
18x Dallas style chairs with Real Black leather upholstered seat pads
10 chairs are in pale Green lacquer finish whilst 8 or bright Orange in colour.

£350 £295 +VAT

Chairs for sale
| Quantity: 18
This Chesterfield sofa is UK made of real Tan leather and can seat 4 persons.
It is supplied structurally sound with no rips or tears but a couple of deep buttons are missing.

£395 £349 +VAT

Sofa for sale
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