The carver is a chair with arms. Historically the head of the household would carve the meat, so to signify their status, the chair had arms, whereas the rest of the set did not. The poor sit on the floor, middle sit on benches and the top have individual chairs etc. The logical end to this is the throne the grandest chair of them all - fit for a king!  

You may also be interested in Captains chairs and mates chairs wich follow the same principle.  

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Carver armchairs can be refurbished with a faux leather seat with a choice of 4 colours.
Please be aware there will be a short lead time for the armchairs to be refurbished in your chosen colour.

£39 +VAT

Refurbished Carver Arm Chairs in Faux Leather
| Quantity: 15

Sold 54 Beech Frame Chairs - Derby

Price: £1500 +VAT
Beech frame chairs all views
30 dining chairs and 10 carver chairs. All in need of re-upholstery and a lick of varnish.
£10 each or £350 for the lot.

£10 ono VAT Free

40x Wicker Chairs (in need of restoration)
| Quantity: 40
26 x Restaurant Carver Chair with iron frame and blue upholstered seat pad

£22 +VAT

26x Restaurant Carver Chair
| Quantity: 26

65 Carver Upholstered Chairs - Kent

Price: £700 ono including VAT
65 carver upholstered chairs
65 mixed colour cream and pink wooden upholstered carver chairs

£700 ono including VAT

65 carver upholstered chairs
| Quantity: 65
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items