Sold 85x Padded Upholstered Alpha Furniture Chairs, Light Green, 12 with Arms, Wide Seat - Hersham, Surrey


85 chairs used in a church and originally purchased from Alpha furniture. 12 have arms.
Some of the chairs were purchased later when the design had changed slightly therefore some have a curved front (63) and some have a straight front (22). The chairs were purchased between 7-9 years ago. Most have a metal pocket at the back for storing Bibles/hymn books.
The chairs have a wide seat and are very comfortable. They are upholstered in a sage green fabric. They are in good condition with no tearing on the fabric. They can be stacked 5 or 6 high.

Delivery notes

Collection from Hersham Baptist Church, Hersham, Surrey, KT12 4QR.

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